Learning 2.0gether is a new Transfer of Innovation project, funded by the European Commission Lifelong Learning Programme, running until October 2014. The project is running in the UK, Italy, Germany and Spain.

The project aims to;

  • increase the ICT competencies of older workers (50+ years) in small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs) so they can use social media to improve and develop their business and online marketing
  • support young people (18-27 years) out of employment or education that have experience in using social media to train the older workers, providing them with valuable experience and increasing their chances to gain employment.

The skills and employment challenge

Social media is a fantastic and easily accessible tool for promoting business, however within a SME it can be difficult to find resources to dedicate time to this work, and older workers (50+) often lack the understanding and relevant skills. Meanwhile, young people across Europe are suffering from the global economic downturn and struggling to find work, resulting in large numbers out of employment, education and training. Yet these young people often have excellent skills in social media.

Learning 2.0gether aims to bring these two groups together to share skills and expertise. It will allow SME’s to access free, one-to-one social media training, whilst increasing the skills of young people and providing them with valuable work experience.

How it will work

Learning 2.0gether will provide tailored training to the two user groups that focus upon their particular skills needs. Following the training, young people will be ‘matched ‘with local SME’s to put their learning into practice and work with them to improve their online activities. In this way, young people will gain practical work experience and improve their skills and confidence in the workplace.

A ‘Skills-Share-Sell’ Pan-European website is being developed so that participants can share their experiences and find opportunities that benefit both parties.