Businesses are you making the most of social media?

32% of businesses in the UK are yet to develop a social media strategy

Social media tools are freely available providing a quick and effective way of promoting your business and engage with customers and stakeholders.

We’ve already got a website – why do we need to use social media?

Static websites can be dull and uninteresting – it’s interactive content that will keep people engaged. To improve brand awareness and sales you need to get your message out there, and you need people to talk about your business. Content that is written and shared by customers and the public is much more valuable than your website telling them about your product or service.

I don’t have the time to learn about social media

Research shows that older workers (aged 50+ years) in small enterprises often lack understanding of social media and the relevant skills to engage with it, and are struggling to find the time and resources to dedicate to this work.

Learning 2.0gether can help you!

  • Learn about the different social media tools available, and the ones that are best for you
  • Receive practical help and advice from a trained young person on the different ways in which your business can use social media
  • Understand how to monitor the effectiveness of your social media activity and track success
  • Be part of an online European community of SMEs to share your experiences and identify further opportunities.

You will also be helping a local young person to gain valuable work experience to improve their search for employment.


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