For Individuals

The Learning 2.0gether pilot project has ended, however if you already have the necessary training skills to train older people in social media, we need your help!

So please sign-up here Skills Match

Do you want to gain work experience and put your social media skills to good use? Now you can!
Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and YouTube will be familiar platforms for you, but for some older workers it is completely unknown territory, and may well fill them with fear and dread! Learning 2.0gether supports young people out of employment to work with local businesses to develop their online marketing activities.

We have offered FREE training to young people in the UK, Spain and Italy to become IT Trainers, and train older people (50+ years) in businesses or voluntary organisations on how to use social media.

What you will receive

  • Valuable work experience to strengthen your employability
  • Opportunity to connect with local businesses and promote your skills and experience to them
  • Access to online learning resources, and opportunity to share your experiences and knowledge with others.


Italian residents
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Spanish residents
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